Play of the day: Malla shows the true spirit of cricket

Gyanendra Malla

A golden duck

The term ‘duck’ in cricket means the dismissal of a batsman without scoring a single run. And if he gets out on the first ball, it is referred as a ‘golden duck’. With Nepal 38-2 in the thirteenth over, Paras Khadka, like so many times in the past, came out to bat and looking to bail Nepal out. But ex-South African all rounder Roelof Van der Merwe trapped him in front of wicket the very first ball. This was literally the scalp priced the most and the Dutch might not have thought of getting the ‘golden’ batsman for a ‘golden duck’, the first ever golden duck for Khadka in his List A career. Like the last time around, the team is certainly not having a golden time in Netherlands.

An early break that wasn’t

With the modest of the scores to defend, Nepal needed early wickets to entertain the slightest of chances of making Netherlands do some works before they finally reach the target. The second ball of the second over from Sompal Kami forced Stephen Myburgh to drive straight into the hands of cover. First of the breakthroughs? “Hello!” says the umpire. The celebrations were cut short as the young pacer had overstepped and Nepal now had to defend a free hit instead of celebrating early. The next ball was sent into the mid-wicket fence.

The true spirit of cricket

The second over bowled by Sompal Kami was filled with every drama possible in cricket match. In the third ball of the over, Myburgh provided a chance again and this time it was not even a no ball. Gyanendra Malla dived to his left and took what looked like a stunner. “How did he do that!” the Amstelveen exclaimed. “I didn’t quite do that!” admitted Nepal’s vice-captain as he had not taken a clean catch in the point region. They might have lost the game but Nepal did show some spirit of the gentlemen’s game.


थप समाचार

नेपालमाथि पाकिस्तानको सहज जित

काठमाडौं । श्रीलंकामा जारी नवौं संस्करणको एसिया कपको दोस्रो खेलमा नेपालमाथि पाकिस्तानले सहज जित निकालेको छ । श्रीलंकाको डम्बुलामा भएको […]

ऐतिहासिक रुपमा सेमिफाइनल पुग्न नेपालले दियो १०९ रनको लक्ष्य

काठमाडौं । एसिया कपको ईतिहासमा पहिलो पटक सेमिफाइनलमा स्थान बनाउँन नेपालले पाकिस्तानलाई १ सय ९ रनको लक्ष्य दिएको छ । […]

नेपालले टस हार्यो, पहिले ब्याटिङ गर्दै

काठमाडौं । श्रीलंकामा जारी एसीसी महिला एसिया कपमा नेपालले पाकिस्तानविरुद्ध टस हारेको छ । पाकिस्तानकी कप्तान निदा दारले टस जितेर […]

यसरी पुग्नेछ नेपाल एसिया कपको सेमिफाइनलमा…

काठमाडौं । श्रीलंकामा जारी नवौं संस्करणको एसिया कपमा नेपालले युएईलाई पराजित गर्दै ऐतिहासिक जित निकालेको थियो । आफ्नो पहिलो खेलमा […]

नामिबियामाथी स्कटल्याण्डको सहज जित

काठमाडौं । नामिबियामाथि स्कटल्यान्डले विश्वकप लिग टू सिरिज अन्तर्गतको खेलमा जित हात पारेको छ । लिग टू सिरिज अन्तर्गत स्कटल्यान्डमा […]

पाकिस्तानलाई हराउँदै सेमिफाइनलमा स्थान बनाउँने लक्ष्यमा नेपाल

काठमाडौं । श्रीलंकामा जारी रहेको नवौं संस्करणको एसीसी महिला एसिया कपको आफ्नो दोस्रो खेलमा नेपालले पाकिस्तानको सामना गर्दैछ । नेपाल […]