PM Cup Day 4: Hari Chauhan, the star of the day

Hari Chauhan

Hari Chauhan’s enigmatic batting and bowling display topple province no. 1 while the other match of the day was cancelled due to rain.

Province no. 4 Vs Province no. 1 Scorecard

Hari Chauhan, the star of the day first made a century with the bat and later picked 4 wickets with the ball, including a hat trick to give a comfortable victory to province no. 4. Chauhan came to replace Anil Gurung (13) who was dismissed by Puspa Thapa. Although wicket kept falling from the other end, Chauhan kept going with the bat. With 8 fours and a six, Chauhan made 100 off 115 balls before getting dismissed to Sandep Dhungana in the 47th over.

Hari Chauhan
Hari Chauhan

Hari shared a 136 runs partnership with Suma Ghimire for the 6th wicket, which was the turning point of the innings. Suma made quick fire 83 off 53 balls with 6 massive sixes and 6 boundaries. Province No. 4 posted 310/7 at the close of first innings. Puspa Thapa and Sandeep Dhungana bagged 2 wickets each to their name.

Hari Chauhan
Hari Chauhan

With the ball, Chauhan was equally good dismissing 4 batsman including a hat trick. His enigmatic spell ended the innings with hat trick coming right at the end in the 37th over. Bowling 5 overs, he yielded only 19 runs. Bipin Khatri and Raju Gurung also took 2 wickets each in this conquest to a 129 runs win.

For province no. 1, only opener Sandeep Dhungana managed a significant contribution making 71 runs. His innings constituted of 9 fours and 3 sixes. Hari Chauhan undoubtedly was declared the player of the match.

Province no. 7 Vs Province No. 5 ( scorecard )

The other match of the day was called off due to heavy rain. Both provinces share a point each.



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