Quick Singles : With Captain Paras Khadka

Paras Khadka

Today, in our third episode, we will be presenting you the other side of Nepal Cricket superstar Captain Paras Khadka with some of Q/A that you would barely want to miss.

1. Who would have been an actor if not a cricketer in our national cricket Team?

Avinash Karn

Avinash Karn
Avinash Karn

2.Your First Bat ?

Bat made up of Wooden Plank .

3. Who would you rank 1, 2 and 3 : Sachin, Lara and Ponting ?

Lara (1), Sachin (2) and Ponting (3)

4. Had you been appointed as Liverpool manager for this season who would you bring in this transfer window?

I would try to bring probably “Ronaldo”.

5. Celebrity Crush ?

No one , there are lots of beautiful people out there, so probably could be any body.

6. Your favorite captain in current world cricket ?

Faf du Plessis

Your First Captain ?

I used to play in club l in early days so exactly I don’t remember, but Raj Shrestha was my captain when I played U-15 for the first time.

Paras Khadka ( 1st from right ) , Raj Shrestha ( 3rd from right ) . Pic credit – Suraj Shakya
Paras Khadka ( 1st from right ) , Raj Shrestha ( 3rd from right ) . Pic credit – Suraj Shakya

8. Your First Salary from Cricket ?

Probably from Yeti Airlines, I think it was around 1500 Rupees.

9. Best dancer in the dressing room ?

Sompal and Basant

Best Dancer ? Sompal Kami and Basant Regmi
Best Dancer ? Sompal Kami and Basant Regmi

10. Any emotional match in you cricketing career?

Lots of matches have been emotional starting from division 5,4,3,2 as every match has been very crucial. However, the most emotional one would be the match against Hong Kong in world cup qualifiers since if had won that match, we would qualified for the World Cup.

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