Quick Singles : Episode 1 with Dipendra Airee

Dipendra Airee

Every week we will be presenting you a segment called ‘Quick Singles’ which will help you know your favorite cricketer personally, behind the scene. It will be a light section full of entertainment with short questions and answers .

In our first featured segment, we are presenting you the other side of national player Dipendra Singh Airee with some not to be missed Q/A.

1. What moment do you cherish the most?

– Definitely it would be my Debut game.

2. Which bowler are you most scared of?

– Basant Regmi

Basant Regmi
Basant Regmi

3. Messi or Ronaldo ??

– Ronaldo

4. Who is your idol outside of cricket?

– My Idol outside cricket is my Mom

5. If not a cricketer, then what?

– Well I would have been a Footballer

6. What are some of your superstitions before going in to bat?

– The first one is my Black Bandana that I were inside my Helmet and the next one will be my Bat and Socks.

7. Most interesting person in dressing room?

– When it comes to interesting person in dressing room it would be Avinas Karn and Binod Bhandari.

8. Who is your Best Friend?

– Kushal Bhurtel.

9. If you could ask one question to Mahendra Singh Dhoni what would that be?

– I like the way Dhoni controls the innings in middle order and if I could ask him I would ask him how to build an innings as M.S is Picasso of it.

10. Your Favourite Football Club?

– Real Madrid.

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