Everest Premier League announced for December, foreign players to play as well

EPL logo launch

The second edition of the Everest Premier League (EPL) or the first of its new kind is scheduled for December 2017 at TU Ground, Kirtipur. The announcement was made amongst media and guests on 30th July at Annapurna Hotel, Kathmandu, where the logo of the tournament was revealed. However, the official dates for the tournament have not been declared yet.

EPL, in 2016, started a new phase in Nepali domestic cricket with top corporate and household names being attached to the sport. However, from this time around, teams will be named on cities, so as to generate enhanced sense of attachment for city dwellers towards their teams. Participating 6 teams will be named after Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhirahawa, Pokhara, Biratnagar and Birgunj.

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Each team will be consisting of 15 players with 10 coming from the auction while 1 fresh player will be introduced by organizing a talent hunt sort of program in respective cities. Interestingly, we will now witness 3 foreign players in each team, with 1 marquee player.

Everest Premier League Logo
Everest Premier League Logo

The winner of the tournament will get 2.1 million rupees, which is the highest cash prize till date in domestic cricket scene. The introduction of seasoned campaingers from the IPL, ranging from the directors to the VJ will not only give an international feel to the tournament but also provide world class entertainment to the fans and the audience.

The tournament will be organised on the concept of cricketainment, blend of cricket and entertainment, Aamir Akhtar stated.

थप समाचार

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अफगानिस्तानमाथि वेस्ट इन्डिजको सानदार जित

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