These are the 4 reasons why this years’s EPL promises to be different

The second edition or one may say the revised edition of Everest Premier League T-20 (EPL) is scheduled for December this year. This edition of Everest Premiere League is going to be different from the previous one. Nepali cricket fans are, without any doubts, in for a cricketing treat this December.

Primary reasons why this year’s EPL is going to be unique are stated and explained below.

1. City Centered Teams

The previous edition of Everest Premier League consisted of teams from six franchises: Panchakanya Tez, Kantipur Gurkhas, Vishal Warriors, Sagarmatha Legends, Jagadamba Rhinos and Colors X-Factor. However, from this year EPL will be having teams based on cities, namely Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhairahawa, Biratnagar, Birjung and Pokhara, owned by top companies and business tycoons as stated by the man behind EPL, Mr. Aamir Akhtar. Surely, this transformation will bring about a sense of belonging to the fans and much needed connection with the teams.

2. Auction

Previously, players were categorized into various groups and were selected by teams. Well, this year players will be selected though auction. They will be divided into three categories: A, B and C. Teams will consist of 15 players each, where 10 players will come through auction, 1 from the pool of young cricketers and interestingly enough, 3 foreign players will represent each team in the squad.

3. Highest Cash Prize

Winner of this year’s EPL will receive the highest cash prize till date i.e. 21 lakhs Rupees. Previously. Prime Minister Cup 2074 was top of this list with 20 lakhs.

4. Inclusion of Foreign Players and IPL Campaigners
It will be the first time in the history of Nepali domestic cricketing scene, foreign players will be playing. Each team will be consisting of 3 foreign players in their squad. Moreover, to give an international feel to the EPL, seasoned campaigners from IPL, ranging from directors to the DJ, will be actively involved to make the tournament interesting .

Things yet to be Revealed by the Organizers:
• Owners of the team
• Base Prize for Players during Auction
• Iconic Players of teams.
• Procedure for players to register their name in Auction.

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